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English-speaking therapist in Frankfurt oder online
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We are specialised in couples therapy as well as individual psychotherapy and coaching for everyone who feels unable to cope with his or her everyday life.



Couples therapy in frankfurt oder online


It is often difficult to solve problems within a relationship on our own. Therefore it is important to evaluate the persistent problems and get to see a different perspective on difficult issues within the relationship.

Couples therapy helps to gain an understanding of the partners perspective and to open the doors to communication again. It should help to find a way in getting rid of the problems which are causing excessive stress on the relationship.


Important issues we are dealing with are:


  • lack of communication

  • lack of trust

  • intimacy issues

  • cheating

  • constant fighting


Individual psychotherapy in Frankfurt


You experience that you have problems coping with your everyday life and don´t think that you can handle it on your own?

It is not a shame to search for help and talk with someone who is not involved and has a different view on your life.


We offer talk therapy and counseling for different issues:


  • depression or burn out

  • maladaptive stress

  • grief and loss

  • relationship problems

  • cultural shock

  • anxiety issues

  • sexual therapy

  • sleep disorder

  • psychoactive substance abuse



our therapeutic methods are:


Therapeutic methods

• Solution focused brief therapy

• Cognitive behavioral therapy

• Client-centered therapy

• Guided affective imagery



Coaching in frankfurt


At Psyconomy we offer individual coaching as well as coaching for companies.

Our focus lies on perception, naming and examination of different aspects of your behaviour and personality.

Those issues are really important for a successfull job and your personal life.

Our goal is to better exploit your performance and give back your „joie de vivre“.


Reasons for our coaching:


  • If you want to improve your performance but still be healthy and friendly

  • If you want to be still motivated on the job

  • If you want to know a sparring-partner on your side



Special topic in our practice:


Psychotherapy for expats in Frankfurt


Moving to a different country and settling with the whole family can be difficult.

Therefore it is important to get to know the different culture and include the whole family in the process.





Little hint:


If your looking for a therapist on the internet it is recommendable to check the qualifications. Don´t mind to ask for their occupational title. What did he or she actually study? The title „coach“ or „counselor“ is unprotected, so everyone can call it their job without even having studied.


A psychologist with a diploma (Diplom-Psychologe) studies at least five years at a university and owns additional qualifications in different psychological fields.

Look for this protected definition. Those who do not use the term are normally no psychologist.



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